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 Eliminate up-to 99.999% Bacteria & Viruses in seconds  

ASTRIA lets customers & employees

get back to business

Air Duct

Businesses in America and across the world are struggling to stay afloat with low staff and lower sales due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They need a way to bring employees and customers back into brick and mortar stores and workplaces. Customers and employees will only return if they feel safe on their commute and at work.


Developed in May 2020 in response to COVID-19, ASTRIA is a surface and air disinfection device that destroys bacteria and viruses in less than 65 seconds with a 99.999% kill rate. This chemical and mercury-free device leverages the patent-pending technology of Aruna Inovation to rapidly disinfect surfaces and airborne particles simultaneously.

Using Pulsed Light rays in an ultra-portable device, ASTRIA disinfects surfaces and air in its path, quickly and safely. High-touch surfaces and well-trafficked spaces are safe to use within seconds.



ASTRIA disinfects faster than competitors products.


Environmentally Safe.We don't

use hazardous materials, mercury

or chemicals.




We're cost-effective and 

lower energy.



Our "Aim-and-Flash" technology

is easy to use.



Our technology is scalable, customizable and flexible for 

your use.



Our UV technology is deemed 

safe for use by the FDA.


Demo and details available.
Please contact us.







According to a study conducted by Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, 61% of elevator buttons tested positive for bacteria, compared to only 43% of toilet surfaces.


With ASTRIA’s unique technology, it only takes seconds to disinfect an entire elevator. The UV light can be installed on the ceiling and set to disinfect the entire compartment between floors when the elevator is empty.



A business can’t operate without its staff. Keep your employees safe by adding ASTRIA technology to your cleaning protocols. Decontaminate desks, office chairs, conference rooms, bathrooms and boardrooms in one fell swoop with our chemical-free UV technology. This cost-effective option ensures your labor force can return to work, knowing their office spaces are safe and that any viruses are unlikely to spread through surface contact.



According to the CDC,  an estimated 2.5 million antibiotic-resistant infections occur every year in the United Stated alone, resulting in more than 30,000 deaths. Research has proven that adding ultraviolet light into cleaning protocols can significantly reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections.  


Patient, waiting & operating rooms, bathrooms, labs and supply closets are target areas for infection spread.


ASTRIA is a cost-effective, chemical and mercury-free option for disinfecting these spaces to keep patients and staff safe.



Senior citizens with underlying health conditions are at the highest risk of infection. Each year, up to 3 million serious infections occur in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has increased these levels of infection dramatically.


ASTRIA can be applied to areas such as dining rooms, recreational areas, bathrooms and kitchens to prevent the spread of harmful germs.



Customers care about cleanliness when making a decision about where to stay. Hotels, bed and breakfasts and rentals strive for a spotless environment & excellent service to their guests. With the help of ASTRIA, you can share your confidence that their accommodation are free of any harmful germs.


Simultaneously, using ASTRIA will reduce the use of costly, harsh and harmful industrial chemicals. 



It is estimated that each day approx. 50 million students and 6 million staff attend more than 130,000 public and private schools. Schools and universities have the responsibility of caring for their students during their daily routines – from food services to classrooms to dorm rooms – making schools responsible for preventing the spread of germs and viruses that can cause illnesses.


ASTRIA can be used to disinfect these spaces, resulting in a safer and cleaner environment for students and educators.



It is imperative to ensure a clean and safe environment for your kids while you are at work.

With ASTRIA, childcare providers can easily disinfect toys, common areas and bathrooms with the power of broad spectrum UV light. We will help you with going the extra mile to eliminate the spread of germs and protect the wellbeing of both children and their caregivers. 



Travel has become a mainstay of our global way of life for both business and pleasure. According to the American Public Transportation Association, Americans took 9.9 billion trips on public transportation. As the U.S. looks to reopen the economy, finding a safe way for Americans to travel – both for commuting and flying – is essential.


With ASTRIA, any travel space can be easily disinfected in less than two minutes: buses, trains, airplanes, even waiting lounges and luxury accommodations. Anything the FDA-approved UV light touches – surface or air – will be disinfected without harsh chemicals.



It is estimated that from 2010-2015, there were over 34,000 illnesses from food-borne outbreaks in restaurants. These outbreaks which risk the safety of your customers, business and reputation.  A single outbreak has been estimated to cost businesses between $1.9 and upwards of $2.6 million.


ASTRIA uses FDA-approved technology that can be used safely on food, in the kitchen and in dining areas

Packaging Factory


The United States Post Office, UPS and FedEx handle more than 525 million packages and pieces of mail per day in the U.S. In 2018, the USDA estimated there were nearly 35,000 food processing and packaging plants in the U.S. Keeping both what’s inside these packages, the goods inside them and the people handling them safe and healthy is paramount to keeping our economy running and our population safe.

ASTRIA’s proprietary technology provides a way to complement current safety and disinfection protocols to eradicate harmful germs, ensuring safety to both workers and recipients of these goods.

Residential Area


According to Builder Online, 2 in 10 Americans live in apartments. That’s a large part of the population that shares their common areas with others and their potential germs. When combined with ASTRIA technology, regular cleaning protocols are taken to the next level. This UV technology eradicates bacteria and viruses with a 99.999% kill rate, ensuring apartment dwellers are safe when using the handrails, opening doors to the staircase, using the elevator and getting their mail.

For house cleaning services, providing ASTRIA as part of your cleaning regimen means your customers can rest assured knowing their homes are well protected from bacteria and viruses as well as the dust and dirt you remove as part of your routine cleanings.

Hairwashing at the Salon


A hair stylist in any given salon can see up to 20 clients per day. Multiply that by the number of hair stylists and you’ll see why it’s important to keep both salons and spas free of dangerous germs and other bacteria. This is especially true in these industries, where hygiene is one of the products on offer.


With ASTRIA, salons and spas can clean the entire space in less than two minutes. A treatment room can be fully disinfected after each use; a five-minute break at a hair salon can be enough to disinfect all chairs, sinks and hair cutting equipment at once.

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