Ameet is a technology executive with a proven history of bringing order to chaotic environments. He has been pursuing the goal of sustainable technology for water treatment research since 2014. From a lineage of business owners and researchers, Aruna's founder celebrates his skills in bringing together exceptional contributors and solving hard problems by connecting the dots. A graduate from Columbia University, Ameet's network of scientists, philanthropists and business owners have made it possible for Aruna Inovation to discover simple solutions to large-scale problems.



Shekhar is a seasoned business and technology leader and a systems/process innovator with a history of driving the kind of change that delivers tangible bottom-line results. He has expertise in: building top-performing teams; turning around underperforming operations; restructuring and optimizing supply chains; identifying unexploited revenue opportunities; and dramatically cutting costs. Shekar has been able to build new product portfolios and reengineer existing portfolios and analyze and pinpoint new opportunities for growth, restructuring, and change.  


ROBERT MICHEL - Finance & Compliance

Bob has over 30 years of accounting and financial management experience. He serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Daxor Corporation (NYSE MKT: DXR), a medical device manufacturing company specializing in blood volume analysis. Prior to Daxor Corporation, Bob served as a consultant with Feuer & Orlando, LLP, a New York City based CPA firm. He also served as the Chief Financial Officer for Asta Funding, Inc. (Nasdaq: ASFI), a diversified financial services company operating in five reportable segments in the United States, with the consumer receivables segment also operating in South America.

TED ROSEN - Legal & Venture Advisor


Ted is a preeminent corporate lawyer with more than 30 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, private equity, venture capital, and securities law. Ted is known as a consummate deal maker with the ability to lead and close deals of all sizes. He is regularly recognized in rankings by industry leading media for his work in making deals. 


Ted counsels emerging growth companies seeking venture capital—from seed capital to later-stage financings. Drawing on his contacts and relationships in the angel financing, venture capital, private equity, hedge fund and banking communities, he facilitates introductions and referrals to help clients raise capital. He is a trusted advisor, helping build superior companies that maximize returns for the entrepreneur, investors, and key contributors.

ALAP GHOSH - Strategy & Business Development


Alap is a digital-first strategy, product, sales and marketing practitioner with a keen entrepreneurial mindset and a strong cross platform technology background. Alap brings 18 years of hands-on experience in building and scaling high-growth products and businesses in an international business environment. Having served customers and partners across the world, he brings a proven management record in rapid business growth and transformation of technology organizations. He is a qualified trainer and a lecturer at IIM Bangalore.



Jennifer is an environmental scientist with experience in wet chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, ecotoxicology, marine biology, protein biochemistry, and sustainability. Project areas have included solid waste and wastewater management, anaerobic biodegradation and bioremediation of halogenated organic compounds, aquatic ecotoxicity analysis, and Green Fluorescent Protein purification and utilization.

SAMEER NEVE - Water & Microbiology 

Sameer is a Doctoral Student in Environmental Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey. Sameer has completed his bachelor's and masters degrees in Environmental Engineering. His areas of interest and research are air and water pollution control and treatment technologies. He is currently doing his research in the field of soil remediation and water treatment. As an amateur photographer, Sameer also brings a creative aspect to his work. He has also tried to incorporate 'Jugaad, ' frugal innovation, into his work without compromising the efficiency.